On Trend for Senior Guys – Suit and Tie!

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A suit and tie has been a great trend for senior guys the last few years for their lifestyle portraits – and moms love it!

studio portrait of a senior guy buttoning his jacket in a suit and tie look.

Although many guys select all casual looks for their senior portraits, I have some every year that tell their moms they want one of their looks to be a suit and tie.

I should clarify this is different than the yearbook image I do for all my seniors in the fall, where it’s pretty much a given that senior guys wear a suit and tie, or at least a shirt and tie. I’m talking about my signature senior portrait experience. Senior guys are asking to be photographed in a suit and tie which is so awesome.

Although I’ve done studio sessions with guys in suits, guys also want to be outside sporting their suits and ties. In town, walking, with their car, just looking amazing during their senior portrait session. Of course, I always recommend at least 1-2 other more casual looks to round out their portrait session.

Guys can be a mixed bag when it comes to WANTING to do senior portraits. I’d say maybe half of the ones I work with are not excited about it.

My goal is to have the guys have a lot more fun than they originally thought they would. Yes!

I’m booking for the Class of 2021! Contact me to book a consultation with you and your senior. The season is compressed now that we are just coming out of hibernation in the middle of June. Photographing your senior is best in the summer and it’s a lot easier finding time to come back in for your personalized ordering appointment. Once school starts it is much harder scheduling everything.

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Collage of senior guys in a suit and tie from Angela Brown Photography