Why Guys Need Great Senior Portraits, too!

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Moms of senior guys: let’s face it. Most of your sons aren’t begging for senior portraits. But that shouldn’t mean YOU don’t want them or need them!

Every year it’s the same. I get calls early in the summer to photograph girls for their senior portraits. Moms and daughters come to my Brighton portrait studio to plan out what we should do for their senior photo shoot. Even if the girls don’t initially feel comfortable in front of the camera, they WANT senior portraits and just love the process of getting ready.

By August, appointments for senior boys start, but I definitely get more requests for girls than boys.

I believe it’s just as important to document this time in guys’ life as it is in girls’. Boys may say they don’t want senior portraits, but don’t YOU want portraits of your son?

At Angela Brown Photography, I pride myself in making senior guys’ portrait experience actually…..ENJOYABLE. How do I do that? By listening to them [most admit to me that they’re doing this for their moms], by providing easy clothing ideas and selecting locations where I know they’ll feel comfortable. On the day of the portrait session, I shoot efficiently – faster – so they don’t lose the fun.

When the senior and his parents come to my studio the following week to see the images, they are stunned to see gorgeous natural looking portraits. It’s such a rewarding time in the parents’ lives, seeing their son as he’s entering his senior year!

One of my favorite moments is when the senior boy, at the ordering appointment, surprisingly becomes vocal about what he wants the album to look like (the leather, the front cover) and not wanting to narrow the images down too much. THAT, I think, is a victory because that means he loves the images!

Please, don’t deprive you or your son. Schedule a consultation in my Brighton portrait studio and let’s get some amazing images of him that you can enjoy for years to come!