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7 Unexpected Ways to Use Branding Images

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Personal brand photography is vital to growing a business and your personal brand! These 7 unexpected ways to use branding images might help you realize why hiring a branding photographer is worth the investment!

You have so many things to purchase in your business! Branding images might not be at the top of your list. But as Steve Forbes (Editor-in-chief of Forbes) says, “Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.”

There are literally dozens of ways to use branding images of you. If you invest in a personal branding session, you will be pleasantly surprised by how often you use the images!

  1. THANK YOU CARDS – Last year I did a branding photo shoot with a new business owner. A few weeks later, I got a thank you card in the mail from her and not only was an image of her on the card, but also on the return address sticker! It looked so polished and I was truly impressed!
  2. BLOG POSTS – You might think that putting a photo of you on your website is obvious, but how about in your blog posts? Entrepreneurs that blog come to our planning session with ideas on blog posts where they need branded images. They are always grateful to have those images to pull from their image libraries when the posts are written. (If you’d like to see my recent blog post where I used an image of me, look at the image above or, check one out here.)
  3. PODCAST GRAPHICS – if you are a podcaster, you know how important your face is on your podcast artwork! Simply having your logo would not be the same. Or heaven forbid, a stock image!
  4. PODCAST GUEST BIO – Let’s say you’re pitching to be on a podcast. Or you’re scheduled for one, but the host needs a headshot of you to promote you on her podcast. No problem, you’ve got it!
  5. YOUTUBE HEADER – You’re planning to start a YouTube channel – good for you! You’ll need an image of you for the header/banner. Right? Yes!
  6. LEAD MAGNET/FREEBIE – if you’re building an email list (because we know we’re only renting followers on Instagram and Facebook), you’ll most likely be creating at least one lead magnet. Your freebie should definitely have at least one image of you so subscribers know who they are learning from.
  7. BOOK COVER OR BIO – Is writing a book on your list for 2021? You’ll need a photo of you for the cover and/or the inside flap! Plan for this in your branding shoot to give you confidence that your  image will be appealing to readers.

Investing in your personal brand  with a branding photo shoot is so important! No one wants to follow or purchase from a faceless entrepreneur. People want to know who you are and what you look like.

These seven unexpected ways to use personal brand images should help you understand just how important visual branding is to your business and your potential clients!