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Why I Switched my Website from WordPress to Showit

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While I was building my new site, people asked me why I switched my website from WordPress to Showit. After all, isn’t WordPress the granddaddy of websites?

The short answer is YES! WordPress is an amazing, powerful platform for websites and blogs.

Then why did I make the switch?

I’ve used WordPress for the last ten years, and because I like to blog, WordPress really is the best for SEO (search engine optimization).

But I struggled with making any changes to my site without pulling my hair out or screwing things up. The last time I hired a designer to update it, it was a few years ago when everyone was making their websites mobile-friendly. After mine was updated, I wasn’t totally happy with her design and tried to make some changes. Big mistake! I got to the point where I was afraid to do anything to the site other than write blog posts! It no longer aligned with my brand, and even my messaging was getting lost in the layout.

I found out about Showit after stumbling across Elizabeth McCravy, a Showit website designer. I faithfully listen to her podcast “Breakthrough Brand” and I decided to check out this Showit platform I’d heard her and so many others rave about!

The three best things about Showit are (1) its ease of use, (2) you can edit mobile and desktop differently at the same time (!) and (3) you STILL blog in WordPress! You get the best of both worlds! The power of WordPress will continue to help my blogging, and Showit is so easy to navigate, I’ve fallen back in love with my site!

For the first time in my entrepreneur career, I purchased a website template. I purchased it through Elizabeth in her EM Shop. I selected the Jena Template because it resonated with me and my brand, and then I totally made it my own!

Designing a website isn’t for the faint of heart, but I switched my website from WordPress to Showit because my old site didn’t showcase my brand and my services, but I was too afraid to edit it. Considering I like to go in often and tweak things, that was a problem!

Showit (and Elizabeth’s templates) are so intuitive. I whip around my site like a maniac because I feel so comfortable with it.

When you purchase a Showit template from the EM Shop, you get this amazing course on how to build your site, too! With over 50 lessons, it was so easy for me to refer to the course any time. Her course alone was worth the price of the template!

You can find a link to the EM shop on my Resources page here.

Want to try Showit for free? Give it a try and see if you find it as intuitive as I do! Use my affiliate link here to get a free month of Showit.

What do you think of my site? Let me know in the comments!