The Consultation Meeting – Are We A Match?

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The main reason I have a great relationship with my clients is that I do pre-session consultations. This simple meeting accomplishes so much!

Whether you’ve selected me as your portrait photographer or just want to learn more, a pre-session consultation is the way to make sure. This is the most important thing we can do together. It’s even more important than the photo shoot itself!

In the consultation meeting:

  • We’ll talk about how you dream of being photographed. You may know exactly, or maybe you haven’t thought about it! But together we’ll figure it out so we know how the portrait session should go.
  • What you wear will be discussed. I have great ideas [at least I think so!] through my years of experience. If you are well prepared for the photo shoot, your confidence will show in the portraits we create. Many clients have told me that it was my help that gave them clarity on how to be prepared for their photo shoot.
  • You’ll touch, hold and see my beautiful products. We’ll talk about what interests you from a product point of view. I believe in quality, archival products that outlive us! I have lots of samples in my Brighton studio for you to see.
  • You get to see if you feel comfortable enough with me to hire me as your photographer. This is important! There are a zillion portrait photographers in Livingston County and Metro Detroit. We want to be sure we are a good match.

This consultation meeting should take place at least two weeks prior to your photo shoot. So if you’re considering a July or August, portrait session, please contact me now to set up our consultation!