While I was building my new site, people asked me why I switched my website from WordPress to Showit. After all, isn’t WordPress the granddaddy of websites? The short answer is YES! WordPress is an amazing, powerful platform for websites and blogs. Then why did I make the switch? I’ve used WordPress for the last […]

Why I Switched my Website from WordPress to Showit

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People often ask me why I decided to earn my CPP designation and what is CPP exactly? CPP means “Certified Professional Photographer” and I worked super hard for it! Let me tell you a little about it and how it’s helped me become a better photographer! When photography became an obsession to me, it wasn’t […]

Why I Decided to Earn my CPP Designation

Angie Studying With Clipboard

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If you know me, you know I’m always studying, researching, certifying and growing in my photography journey. Last year I vowed to become involved in print competitions as a next step in my growth. I first cut my teeth in my local PPA group by entering low pressure “print of the month” contests. Once I […]

My First International Print Competition!

How YOU Doin'?

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Think about pulling your camera out once a day – EVERY day. How hard would it be to create a meaningful photo each and every day, even when you are dead tired? Lindsay Javit does just that. Her subject? Oliver! Ollie is a Jack Russell mix that is as crazy as can be, but he […]

oliver: dog a day (and adorable wonder dog!)

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