holiday sparkle mini-sessions are a success!

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Recently I held a weekend of Holiday Sparkle Mini-sessions and had an absolute blast! Since I am a custom portrait photographer, doing an event like these mini-sessions was totally new to me. Whaaaat? I can’t take 2 hours to have a view/order session with a client? I can’t photograph their kids forever? Luckily, my young subjects came ready to be photographed, and their parents came ready to make decisions on their prints and artwork. The framed products are being delivered this week, and it’s officially a wrap!

Here are a few stats about our event and the kids we photographed:

number of kids photographed: 17

girls: 9; boys: 8

sets of twins: 3

oldest: 14

youngest: 16 months

families wearing blue and gray: 3

kids that were born VERY prematurely and are now happy and healthy: 4

girls with super curly hair: 3

overheard by Jake: “I get to wear my new TIE for pictures!”

most heartwarming plea: “Can Miss Angie carry me to the car instead?” <3

most popular product purchased: three image framed storyboard (3)

luckiest photographer: me!!

I suppose you’re super curious about how darling these portraits turned out, right? Well, I know for a fact that many of these portraits are meant to be Christmas presents to families, so I promised not to unveil them yet. Welllll, maybe I’m pushing it a little, but I just HAD to post something – even if they ARE outtakes. Take a look below, but be sure to check back right after Christmas to see the REAL portraits. In the meantime, here are my little subjects posing incognito just for you.

Angela Brown Photography Brighton Michigan Photographer

Now that I have a new studio space, I am considering hosting another event or two in 2015. If you have an interest in being kept informed of my special events, please contact me at (313) 530-1051 or Your kids will have a blast!!