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It all started with the red blouse I saw in her suitcase as she was unpacking at my home. [Kim had joined her parents when they recently came from Iowa to visit us.] I insisted that I would LOVE to photograph her in that blouse! And, it started with her in the red blouse for a headshot. She gave me the green light to do a portrait session of her in my Brighton Michigan studio while she was visiting.

Because my sister-in-law is about the nicest, most thoughtful person I know, she went to the trouble of doing her hair and make up for the photos. So that’s what led me into doing more than the head shots. In fact, this photo shoot quickly because a quasi glamour session and I thinks she looks amazing!

It’s very rewarding to photograph women where they can see how beautiful they really are. Usually, women have their kids photographed, maybe an occasional family photo session. But to allow yourself to be photographed by yourself looking great is really a gift to yourself.

Interested in being captured beautifully in the studio? Contact me! [313] 530-1051.

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