Wall Art Wednesday – Senior Twins

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Since senior portrait session is up and running here in Michigan, and since today’s Wednesday, I thought it would be timely to showcase how a family displays the senior portraits of their twin girls.

As you undoubtedly know, I adore wall portraits in ALL my clients’ homes, as there’s no denying that they will be enjoyed each and every day. Once the senior heads off to college, it’s hard telling if they will ever live at home again. A wall portrait or wall grouping gives you a daily reminder of them and helps you remember how they were then. 🙂

This family’s twin girls loved many of the same activities and sports in high school, yet the two couldn’t be more different in personality. We had separate photo sessions for them, but we had great opportunities to also capture them together.

This first wall portrait is 12×18 inches in size placed in a rustic frame. I think it goes well with the idea of them relaxing on the dock, don’t you? And it looks great against the medium colored wood in their lake home.

Brighton Michigan senior family photographer on lake

The family enjoys seeing this daily as it is right in the entryway to their home, by the stairs and the home office. I’m sure it reminds them of the closeness these girls enjoy with each other. And, when the girls each come home from college [they go to separate universities] they can also enjoy a little piece of their history.

The second area in their home where the girls’ senior portraits are displayed is right in the little vestibule on the way to the master bedroom. There’s a small but prominent wall there, and they wanted to capture each young lady separately there in more posed portraits. The clothing and locations reflect the individuality of each senior girl. Each of these images is framed traditionally in different frames, also in 12×18, yet work beautifully together.

Brighton Michigan senior portrait photographer

All three of these wall portraits were carefully designed ahead of time using a software program that allows me to help clients visualize their wall art in their homes. We knew, after viewing several sizes, that these were the correct sized wall portraits for the spaces. And, because I work with more than one framing company, we had plenty of selections from which to choose.