an oldie but goodie….and still a favorite session

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I still remember the day we did this photoshoot. It was October 23 2011! It was a landmark day for me [I had hit a certain age that day] and the highlight was shooting these girls.

Lindsay and Kate are sisters that hired me to do a photoshoot of them for their parents. It was to be a Christmas present for them.

And if you know Katie and Lindsay, you would not be surprised to hear that their clothing impeccably matched and they’d given much thought to several outfits they planned to wear. The images here are just the result of one ensemble, but trust me, all the clothing worked so well with the other’s clothing. You also wouldn’t be surprised to hear that they know how to pose themselves, what with all the Runway shows they used to watch on TV. And they taught me the skill of “Smizing.”

So on this rainy October 23, I’m remembering back to this fun portrait session, as it still ranks among my favorites of all time! These girls are fun and just crack me up. I know their parents were very surprised and happy with the wall portrait and gift prints they gave to them.

Both young ladies have since fallen in love and gotten married, so I’m sure their mom and dad love to remember this fun time in their lives.