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Christmas season is roughly a month out of the year, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t decorate with holiday photos! In fact, it seems that every year I add decorations to my Christmas decor that include photos. There’s still plenty of time to take some favorite snapshots from past years and create something beautiful. Do […]

Decorate Your Holiday Home With Snapshots

Living with Photography

If you’ve been reading this series, you’ve made great progress! You put all your photos in one place by going through your group texts, your Photos folder on your phone, and all the scattered images on your computer. You have selected a way to consolidate them via Google Photos, Apple Photos, or Lightroom [read that […]

Organize Your Photos – Part 5 of the Series

Living with Photography

It’s high school senior season, which means my studio is filled with moms and seniors planning their senior pictures with me. Although my studio is known for the beautiful albums I create, it’s the wall portrait that is seen and enjoyed every day in the home. If you don’t think you want a “huge wall […]

Your Senior as Art – Beautify Your Home With What You Love Most

Living with Photography

In my last post from this series [click here to read it] we talked about the fact that all our photos are EVERYWHERE. Not just on our phones, laptops, iPads, but also inside various texts, text groups, even in screenshots! We found all those little spots and emailed them to ourselves [or got them onto […]

Download & Back Up Your Photos – Part 4 of the Series

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There it was. An obituary. An obituary of someone I’ve followed and admired in the photography world. She was 37. I realized this morning, as I turned on my computer, that I hadn’t seen anything from Emily in months. I went straight to her photography Facebook page and her mentoring page. And that’s where I […]

The Gift She Gave Her Young Son

photographs by Trisha Jimenez

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