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Five Easy Ways to Refresh Your Website

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woman entrepreneur working on her website on her laptop.

It’s time to refresh your website for the new year!

There are five easy ways to refresh your website so that things look more up to date. It doesn’t have to be an all day project. Some of the following tasks will take less than five minutes, for instance!

  • Change the year on your footer. Don’t you hate it when you go to a website and the copyright date on the footer is three years old? Are they still in business? To make this easy change, find the area that changes the footer content (which is shown on every page of your website.) This update should take about 2 minutes and then you can check it off your list!
  • Change copy on your site that needs yearly updating. “I’ve been a massage therapist for seven years” needs to be changed to eight years now. “My three year old son” is now four. Any reference to “2021 pricing” for example, should now be “2022 pricing.” Get the idea?
  • Update your “about me” photo. It’s time for a refresh! If you’ve had a branding photo shoot in 2021, find a happy image of you looking at the camera and replace the old one. Nothing will refresh your website like a new smiling photo of you! (If you’re looking to update your visual branding this year with a photo shoot, you might want to pick up this freebie “Nine Must-Have Personal Branding Images.“)
  • Update your portfolio. You’ve had some great projects this year so spotlight your new stuff! If you’re a photographer, update your gallery of images or your other places on your site where you put client work. If you’re a graphic or interior designer, update your portfolio with some newer projects that show your amazing talent.
  • Add new client testimonials. Happy clients’ testimonials will help refresh your website. Add new ones (along with an image of them if you’re a photographer) or replace older ones with more current raving reviews.

Take the time to make these easy but important updates to your website. As a result, your clients will realize that your business is active and alive!