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5 Brand Photos Product Makers Need

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So you’re a product maker! Let me guess – – your biggest photography pain point is getting good photos of your creations. Am I right? While it’s certainly vital to have beautiful product images, they aren’t the only images that a maker needs.

A library of branding images in addition to your product photos elevates your value and makes your products more desirable. But what types of branding images will you need?

Five types of branding photos to have in your image library that you’ll use over and over:

  • An image of you smiling at the camera. Let’s be honest. People want to buy from people they feel they know. If you’re a jewelry maker but don’t show your face, how is your business REALLY different than another designer? An approachable image of you – smiling at the camera, either working on your products or simply a casual lifestyle headshot will set you apart from others.
  • You at work making your product. Curious buyers love to see how the creating process is done. Let’s capture images of you building your bookshelves, or stringing beads for a necklace, painting the canvas or arranging those flowers!
  • Your hands with your tools. A close up of the product, complete with your hands and tools involved, will really show how personal your process is to you.
  • An image of your packaging. Do you have pretty packaging, or do you have a fun process for shipping your product? Branded packaging can elevate the perceived value of what you make, so let’s capture it.
  • You doing something you love. It’s no secret that people want to know the person behind the product. Show your personality! Capturing you doing something away from your craft helps people see a different side to you, whether it’s you writing in a journal, playing with your dog or simply enjoying a cup of tea.

Remember, it’s one thing to show beautiful images of your products. But having branding images of you using these five types of photos will increase the likability factor and bring more polish to your brand visuals!

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