Senior Cover Girls Over the Years

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A flatlay of the senior product guide from Angela Brown Photography, which is given to all upcoming seniors who visit for a consultation.

Every year I compile a new printed product guide for my high school senior families. It’s super helpful as they decide what types of beautiful products they would love to have. Inside the eight page book I show lots of real examples of the albums I offer, wall portrait images, and other products I love. It’s also a great opportunity to feature one of my favorite sessions from the previous year on the cover.

Over the years, this feature on the cover has become a coveted spot!

This year, I’m proud to announce Delaney is my cover girl! Delaney is only the second senior from Brighton High School to grace the cover. I ADORE this image and this girl! How can you not grin from ear to ear when you see this beautiful image! (Interesting fact: Delaney and her mother selected this image for the cover of her custom album!)

This is the ninth year I’ve created a product guide for senior season here in Michigan and it’s fun to go down memory lane with the covers I’ve used over the years! Each senior is on the cover her senior year (even though I photographed him/her the year before). Here is a compilation of the covers!


A collage of nine years of cover girls from Angela Brown Photography's senior product guide


Some fun facts about the cover models:

  1. Two girls are sisters (18 & 19)
  2. One is married and just moved back from South Korea (17)
  3. One graduated from Butler University in Indianapolis (16)
  4. A whopping four girls are Michigan State University grads or attendees (15, 18, 20, 22)
  5. One went to a private school (20) and the rest to their local public schools
  6. The first cover BOY is a current freshman at Northern Michigan University
  7. Two girls are from Brighton High School (15, 22)

One thing these cover models all have in common: they had an absolute blast at their senior session and it shows on their faces!

Are you or your son or daughter entering senior year? Contact me here to schedule a time to come to my Brighton Michigan studio, touch the products, chat about your senior portrait dreams and let’s figure out if we are a good fit! You’ll get one of the printed product guides to take home to enjoy with a cup of coffee!

If you’d like to learn more about senior portraits at Angela Brown Photography first, check out all the information and images here!