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What to Wear for your Brand Photos

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What do you wear for your brand shoot that will look good, make you look professional yet approachable, and coordinate with your website? That is the question so many entrepreneurs ask as they plan for their sessions!

A lot goes into a successful brand shoot, and for good reason! You’re investing in something that will ultimately increase your know, like and trust factor with potential clients. And you want to maximize this investment so you have a beautiful library of images to draw from as you update your website and other client-facing collateral & social media.

Woman entrepreneur working and happy she is confident with what she is wearing for her photo shoot.

Here are seven tips for what to wear at your brand photo session:

  1. SELECT OUTFITS THAT WORK WITH YOUR OVERALL BRAND: I always say at least one of your outfits should be what you’d wear the first time you meet with a prospect, one outfit that you might wear while working every day, and one on-brand outfit that is your at home casual look.
  2. ENSURE YOUR CLOTHING FITS AND ISN’T BAGGY: If you’re curvy or heavier than you wish you were, DO NOT think you’re covering things by wearing shapeless clothes. This will only make you look bigger. All body types should consider wearing form fitting pieces that highlight your curves, not hide them. I will pose you to look flattering.
  3. WEAR COLORS THAT MATCH YOUR BRAND PALETTE for a cohesive look across your website and social media. This might also be a neutral palette that goes with your brand colors.
  4. SOLID COLORS SHOULD RULE – THEY ALWAYS WORK. However, prints can be beautiful as long as they aren’t super tiny patterns. If you want to include prints, just make sure that some of your looks are totally solid (all patterns in all outfits won’t look cohesive on your site).
  5. FLAUNT WHAT YOU LIKE. If you have great legs, skirts or shorts will accentuate them. Same with sleeveless tops. On the other hand, if you dislike your arms, avoid sleeveless shirts or throw a blazer, cardigan or jean jacket over one.
  6. DON’T OVERLOOK YOUR ACCESSORIES. Wear thoughtful jewelry that work with the outfit and aren’t overly trendy or fussy. Hats, scarves, belts should all be well thought out but can really give you fun looks.
  7. CONSIDER RENTING OUTFITS! If you want something special but it’s out of your budget, don’t forget there are companies that specialize in clothing rental for special events or portrait sessions. One to check out is Rent the Runway.

Put some thought into using your brand color palette in different ways when you decide what to wear! Check out an article I wrote about the power of wearing your brand colors.

Before your shoot, try all your looks on in front of a mirror to be sure the tops and bottoms work, as well as your accessories. Move and walk in them to be sure that they stay where they should. If you have a buttoned up blouse, be sure it doesn’t gap between the buttons. Make sure each piece is pressed and wrinkle-free and on hangers. Add the accessories to the hangers according to the outfit you’re wearing them with. Put the outfits in the car, hanging up, the night before your shoot.

If you book a branding photo shoot with me, either in my Brighton Michigan studio or on location, you will get a ton of support from me along the way. And when you book a date, I’ll mail you my brand shoot magazine to help you plan for your shoot!

Woman entrepreneur enjoying wine while smiling at the camera in her Michigan Branding photo session.