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5 Reasons to get Professional Hair and Makeup for your Brand Photo Shoot

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Are you afraid to get professional hair and makeup done for your personal branding photo session? Afraid you’ll look too glam, too fake, too unnatural?

I used to worry about that, too. I mean, I wanted to look like I took my business seriously but did NOT want to look like I was on my way to a Broadway play – or worse yet, IN a Broadway play!

I took my own advice for my last three brand shoots. I could not believe the difference I felt for my own personal brand photo shoot when I had had hair/make up compared to the shoot I had done the year prior.

You can see a comparison of two of my professional branding shoots. In the one on the left I did my own hair and makeup – notice my uneven skin and the humidity curl (that I hate!) on my bangs. And I thought I’d applied heavier make up than normal!

The image on the right was also done on a hot muggy day, but my hair looks just the way I like it – no unnecessary curls. And my makeup felt professional but not glammy. (These two images were by the same photographer in the exact same space, a year apart).

professional hair and make up is recommended for a brand photo shoot
Left is my brand shoot with my own hair + makeup versus the next year’s look when it was professionally done!

Why invest in professional hair and makeup for your next personal branding photo session:

  1. Hair + makeup can boost your confidence. And the more confident you feel, the more your images will reflect an entrepreneur whose true essence shines through!
  2. Pro products + techniques creates a polished and professional look that is reflected in your images. As we age, the camera tends to wash out our features, even when we apply makeup. I notice this in my studio when I’m testing the lights for an upcoming headshot. I have makeup on, yet when I’m in front of my camera, I look washed out, mousy, and tired.
  3. Pro hair + makeup can help with better skin tones, more defined features + more corralled hair. Maria Abbotts, a professional hair and makeup artist that many of my clients use, sums it up this way: “Hiring a makeup artist who specializes in a more NATURAL look is exactly what you need for your branding shoot.”
  4. Hair and make up artists use high quality products that last all day. Your look will stand up to outfit changes, location conditions and the time you spend in front of the camera. And celebratory champagne after the shoot, of course! 🥂
  5. Professional makeup and hair styling can help create the perfect look for your brand. You will instantly look like you take your business seriously. You’ll look polished and professional and people want to do business with people like that!
Professional hair and make up can look natural and polished

Should you get false lashes or just mascara?

A lot of my clients worry that false lashes will look way too dramatic for a branding shoot, but Maria disagrees with skipping lashes. “A natural looking lash set or individual lashes are strongly encouraged for a branding session. Wearing lashes instead of just mascara will give the look of more open eyes and make them pop! When you skip the lashes, you can appear more tired.”

For my personal brand session last year, I not only had hair and makeup done, but the artist put lashes on me. I felt much more professional and the images came out way better than the previous year where I only used extra mascara.

If you’ve been worried about getting professional hair and makeup done for your upcoming branding photo session, I hope this article has convinced you to invest in it for best results! (And, this expense, like your brand shoot, should be a deductible expense for your business.)

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