family portraits [and the importance of just doing it!]

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Extended family portrait session with generations in front of a pond

I’m finishing up family portrait season this weekend, but family portraits are done all year around. Let’s face it – family portraits are soooo important. Meaningful to us as parents, and even more important to our kids. Kids feel confident and loved when they are surrounded everyday by portraits of themselves and their families.

Why, then, do we wait so long to actually schedule a family session? We have all sorts of excuses –

“I want to lose ten pounds.”

“I want to wait until after tax season.”

“I want to wait until I know my family is complete.” (?????)

“I hate myself in pictures.”

I challenge you – get past all those voices in your head! Do you think your child would look at a wall portrait with you in it and think that Mommy looks bad? Trust me, she will only be looking at that family portrait and remembering how much she loves her family, and how much she is loved.

Last night, my daughter and I were having dinner out, and I ran into an acquaintance. The first thing she said was that she wanted to do a family portrait session with me this coming spring. The second thing she said stopped me in my tracks. She said the last time she had a family portrait done with her kids and grandkids, two of her grandkids weren’t even born yet. I happen to know that one of them is TEN years old. This family is way past due, and she knows it. This family will definitely be photographed in early 2014. Life can be short. Don’t wait.

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