Custom Senior Albums

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One of the most cherished products I offer are custom senior albums. Every high school senior that walks through my studio knows that I LOVE albums! And just about every parent of a high school senior invests in one. You can to capture all the looks of the senior in one beautiful, easy to enjoy heirloom.

Don’t laugh when you hear me say that someday THEIR kids will be fighting over it; I truly believe it!

Today I am showcasing my album offerings. These albums are made with beautiful leathers, canvas, fabrics and nice, thick pages. And of course, your stunning images are on each page. The first time I saw these albums I freaked, and promptly dumped any other album I was offering!

The Luminous

The Luminous album is surrounded by luxurious leather in your choice of color. A gorgeous metallic print from your session is crafted beneath a piece of clear acrylic. This 10 inch square album is the perfect size for a coffee table, where you can look through it any time you want to relive the day!

The Legacy

The most-loved style of all my custom senior albums is the Legacy. The cover is a classic, single image on canvas, with your choice of leather spine and back. I adore the simplicity of this album, and it’s definitely my personal favorite! You can choose a fun, whimsical leather combo or something more muted and traditional.

The Cameo

This 10×10 square album is so fun! Your favorite image peeks through your choice of fabric or material. Choose your outer cover to make your album look classic, bright, masculine or feminine. You’ll love the thick pages that come with this choice (or any other album style I offer, for that matter).

The Petite

This album is slightly smaller than the others, coming in at 8 inches square. Like the Cameo, you can choose from many different materials for the outside of your album.

If you’re the parent of an upcoming senior and want beautiful lasting products you’ll enjoy every day, Angela Brown Photography might be the choice for you! I specialize in not just providing a fabulous experience for you and your senior. I help create forever products you can cherish for decades to come. Custom senior albums are designed with your favorite images so you have a collection of senior pictures in one great product.

Visit my Brighton Michigan studio to see the collection of custom senior albums in person. Contact me through this link to set up an appointment!

This cell phone image shows a blended family where I photographed all four kids. Their albums (on the table below) all look great together!