Four Reasons you should have your Tween Photographed Now!

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It’s true what they say. Kids grow up SO fast! And when kids are tweens, they are perhaps at their most unique stage, yet rarely photographed by a professional. I absolutely adore capturing tweens and believe every tween should be professionally photographed. Here are four reasons why you do not want to wait to have your tween in for a photo shoot:

  1. Tweens love to be photographed!  This age group is new to social media, and they see lots of selfies online. They may even snap their own selfies. But seriously, do you really want their tween years documented with just a duck face?  Take advantage of their love of being in front of a camera and capture this time in their lives.
  2. Tweens are at their most unique and special stage RIGHT NOW. Your tween has a style of her own. She’s loving fashion, or is totally into Jojo Bows like Ally is (captured above). Or, your son can’t live without his favorite Vans or hunting hat. Whatever your tween is like right now, you can bet he or she will “conform” more over the next few years. Remember your tween at this stage while she’s not afraid to be herself!
  3. Your tween still likes being around you. When I do photo shoots with tweens in my Brighton Michigan studio, it is always a wonderful time for mom and tween. Kids feel very special having their own one on one time with mom in my portrait studio, and moms cherish the experience just as much!. Take it from the mom of a 15 year old…..enjoy the experience of a photo shoot for your child while she still loves being around you!
  4. Your tween will look completely different in just a few short years. Your adorable 11 year old daughter? She will be soon wearing make up and dressing like an adult. Or your son, he may hit puberty at any given moment. You want to remember the baby face he has now. I can’t tell you how many tween boys I’ve been able to capture only months before puberty completely changes him.

I created the Simply Me Tween Project for this age group and their loving parents, who want to hang on to this amazing stage. With a fun experience in store for them and thoughtful portrait products, you simply must take advantage of a Simply Me photo shoot! For more information, please click on this link or contact me for details!