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Organize & Print Your Photos – A Challenge

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It’s true what they say. This generation of kids will be the most photographed generation in history, yet they will have fewer photos of themselves than our generation. That’s because their photos live on their phones, compounding daily, hourly even. All the selfies of today will become buried among their selfies of next month, or next year. Technology will change, photos on devices forgotten.

Photos live on computers, too. We are big at downloading something emailed to us (which goes into our Download folder), or we download photos that we took with our actual cameras (probably in our Photos folder). Photos from our phone may go to the cloud, conveniently accessible by multiple devices.

Photos also are found on DVDs. (I no longer have a CD drive on my computer). And they live on external hard drives, the little thumb drives. All over the house.

The problem here is that not only do people today not print their photos, but they don’t even know where to find them!

This year I’m going to practice what I preach in my business. That the most important photos of our lives are printed photos, that are touchable, hangable, displayable, cherished. Who’s with me?

I’m creating an ongoing series on our photos – everything you need to know to download, organize, edit & tag, and print your photos. We’ll not only print the photos of today, but we’ll scan treasured old photos as back up. We’ll even create photo books together.

Your first month’s project is SIMPLE. Go to the desktop of your main computer and create of folder and name it: “Photos To Print.” This folder will be the basis for all your printing this year.

Let’s make this a great year! Whether you’re the family historian or simply want to be able to find and enjoy your photos, this challenge is for you! See you next month!