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Headshot Session – Don & His Clarinet

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Brighton Headshot photographer for musicians

Don was in the studio a few months ago for a series of headshots. A talented clarinet player, Don was going to be the featured soloist in a Led Zeppelin-inspired concert for the Ann Arbor Concert Band. Since he was headlining, the organizers requested a headshot of him for the posters and marketing materials.

As I normally suggest, Don brought a few clothing “looks” to my Brighton studio and we designed the style we wanted him to project. We photographed a series of portraits, all with his clarinet. It was fun trying to come up with ways to showcase both him and his clarinet!

At the end, he and I both loved the image above the best, and luckily so did the promoters. 🙂 However, there were lots of others we liked, and I have displayed a few of them below. If you want to see the final promo flyer that the Ann Arbor Concert Bank created, click here.

Most people dread having to get headshots done, and I’m sure Don was no exception. But I have a relaxed atmosphere in my studio and I know Don enjoyed the process!

Brighton Michigan Headshot Photographer