Little MSU Fans Surprise Daddy

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My last session of the year was one of my most memorable! Imagine three young kids between the ages of 2 and 9. Imagine them being a part of a huge secret! They wanted to surprise their daddy for his birthday by giving him portraits of them in their Michigan State Spartans clothing!

I love having these kids in my Brighton Michigan studio, and they love coming here. 🙂

The plan was for them to come up while daddy was at work. Unfortunately, dad threw a curveball by being home sick that day! But these kids were determined! They kept the secret and their mom drove them up to Brighton for the secret mission, and their dad had no clue!

As you can see, the kids had a blast! These are the images that they [and their mom] selected to have printed for daddy’s birthday. You can bet that dad was thoroughly in love with these images! I’m pretty sure these were also his favorite gifts!

Brighton Michigan Photographer kids in MSU jerseys