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Every high school senior that walks through my studio knows that I LOVE albums! And just about every parent of a high school senior invests in one. The reason is simple: it’s a way to capture all the looks of the senior in one beautiful, easy to enjoy heirloom.

You may laugh when you hear me say that someday their kids will be fighting over it, but I truly believe it.

Today I am showcasing my favorite album company. These are my top-o-the-line albums that are made with beautiful leathers, canvas, and nice, thick pages. And of course, stunning quality images on each page. The first time I saw these albums I freaked, and promptly dumped any other album I was offering!


The Cameo

The Cameo is surrounded by gorgeous leather with a three piece construction. This means that the front, spine and back can all have different leathers or you can stick with one or two. The Cameo has one or two photos on the cover, encapsulated under a clear dome. This sample below is done in 10 inch square size, my flagship size.

The Legacy

My best seller is also a three piece leather construction, but the difference is that the front is one simple canvas image. I adore the simplicity of this album, and it’s definitely my personal favorite! It feels super luxurious, so it’s perfect for families or seniors, but it can also work great for a children’s session as it can be made to look very youthful with the leather choices. This album can also have gilded pages in the color of your choice.

A new perk to choosing The Legacy album is that you can also purchase a 5×5 duplicate album when you order the 10×10. It’s a great little album for grandparents or for the senior to enjoy without having to fight with Mom about bringing it to school. 😉Brighton Michigan Senior Photographer Angela Brown Photography Albums

Classic Canvas

The Classic Canvas is constructed of one continuous piece of canvas wrapped around the album. The corners can be square or round, and the canvas can be luminous or matte. I design the canvas based on the colors of the cover image, and sometimes put the family name or, if it’s a senior album, the senior’s name and graduation year. The Classic Canvas is 10 x 10 in size and I now offer an 8×8 Petite Canvas album.Brighton Michigan Senior Portrait Photographer Album Love

The beauty of albums is that you can showcase your favorite images in them. The 10×10 holds 25 images and the 8×8 includes 16. The albums come in a protective box, but just about everyone that invests in the albums keeps theirs out where they can pick them up and enjoy them often.

Senior season is coming up, and with the warmer weather, it’s family session time, too! Document this time in your life with an investment in an album. It truly is something that someday, people will fight over. 🙂