It’s strange when you have all sorts of plans – especially at this time of year – and something happens to put all those great plans on the back burner.

I have lots of fun stuff to post this spring for your reading pleasure, and I hope to carry on soon. I want to do a series on planning for a family portrait, and my own personal experience doing that with a professional photographer last year. It’s always been my plan to help show how you can live with your beautiful portraits every day – and your family snapshots too. I also have some portrait sessions of some darling kids I want to show off. Finally, I have a surprise I’ve been dying to share with you. Please check back soon for more!

But life…. yes, life can get in the way. About five weeks ago, my mom slipped in her driveway and broke her ankle in three places. We don’t know how long she was lying there, as she has very little recollection of the incident. We were happy someone found her. The timing was bad, as Lauren and I had just gotten to Disney World for a four day getaway. It was strange being so far away when we knew she needed us.

Five weeks later, she’s had her surgery, and she’s been living with us. It’s been wonderful having her here, but recovery is a long process. Between getting her to her doctor appointments to arranging for companion care during the day, my focus is on her. It’s also been great having her hang out in our family room at night. Lauren has just adored having Grandma live with us these days.

This week we found a senior living center and soon Mom will be moving in. That means getting her house ready for the move, and downsizing her things. So, although life has gotten in the way of keeping my blog updated, it’s been totally worth it for the extra family time and remembering all over again how much I enjoy my mom’s company!

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