Christmas season is roughly a month out of the year, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t decorate with holiday photos! In fact, it seems that every year I add decorations to my Christmas decor that include photos. There’s still plenty of time to take some favorite snapshots from past years and create something beautiful. Do […]

Decorate Your Holiday Home With Snapshots

Living with Photography

If you’ve been reading this series, you’ve made great progress! You put all your photos in one place by going through your group texts, your Photos folder on your phone, and all the scattered images on your computer. You have selected a way to consolidate them via Google Photos, Apple Photos, or Lightroom [read that […]

Organize Your Photos – Part 5 of the Series

Living with Photography

This is the third step in our journey to organize, print and enjoy our photos! [If you missed the last installment, check it out here.] This month is a fun one – but one of the most important! We are going to centralize all our photos. By now, you’ve decided on a photo organization system. […]

Centralize All Your Photos – Part 3 of the Series

Living with Photography

This family patriarch was gifted a portrait session from his kids for his birthday and I was lucky enough to be chosen for this momentous occasion. I’ve known Rick and Cindy for several years, I even did a professional portrait of him years ago for another project. But I hadn’t met the rest of his […]

Extended Family Summer Portrait Session


My mom recently moved into a retirement home apartment, and we wanted it to feel like home to her. So, I recently spent an afternoon with my brother hanging a collection of old family photos onto her wall. I realized that so many small photos had the potential to make her room very chaotic, so […]

five rules for arranging old family photos

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