It’s true what they say. This generation of kids will be the most photographed generation in history, yet they will have fewer photos of themselves than our generation. That’s because their photos live on their phones, compounding daily, hourly even. All the selfies of today will become buried among their selfies of next month, or […]

Organize & Print Your Photos – A Challenge

Living with Photography

My mother-in-law asked if we could do a family portrait session while we were vacationing in Iowa over Memorial Day. After all, we had two new little ones in our family now, as our nephew and his wife were parents of a three year old and an eight month old. Although I gladly accepted, I […]

My extended family portrait experience!

Angela Brown Photography Extended Family Portrait Photographer

Life with the Browns

There is nothing better than a printed photograph. Seriously. I’m not just saying that because I’m a photographer. I tell my clients that they deserve to have beautiful artwork in their homes featuring those that they love most – their family.  Something that they can literally enjoy every day. I practice what I preach. If […]

Wall Art Wednesday ~ My Back Hall

Living with Photography