My mother-in-law asked if we could do a family portrait session while we were vacationing in Iowa over Memorial Day. After all, we had two new little ones in our family now, as our nephew and his wife were parents of a three year old and an eight month old. Although I gladly accepted, I […]

My extended family portrait experience!

Angela Brown Photography Extended Family Portrait Photographer

Life with the Browns

Every high school senior that walks through my studio knows that I LOVE albums! And just about every parent of a high school senior invests in one. The reason is simple: it’s a way to capture all the looks of the senior in one beautiful, easy to enjoy heirloom. You may laugh when you hear […]

Premium Custom Albums


My dad always used to say “measure twice, cut once.” That has never been more in my mind than this week! In my haste to get things done during this busy holiday season, I made two careless decisions – NOT to actually measure something before purchasing! The first was my wall oven. Ours stopped working […]

Measure Twice, Cut Once [epic fail – fixed!]

Living with Photography

I hear it every year. “I don’t want to make my home look like a shrine to (insert senior name here).” I always think of the irony here. After all, your children ARE the most important thing in your life. And your senior is only a high school senior once. They’ll only get one senior […]

3 Ways to Display Senior Portraits Without Having a Shrine


Moms of seniors often tell me that it’s the wall portrait that helps them through their child’s first year in college. It’s always important for me that my clients choose and enjoy wall portraits, because they are truly seen and enjoyed every day. But with seniors heading off to college,  for their parents, it really […]

Wall Art Wednesday ~ Senior Girl